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Unreasonably strong adhesive Velcro® hook by the inch

$3.00 USD

Got patches that need velcro? Our unreasonably strong adhesive-backed Velcro is the perfect DIY solution for your non-velcro patches. The high tack adhesive will hold on to your patches, even if put through the laundry. No more painstaking hand stitching velcro to your patches, unless you're a sucker for punishment.

The material comes in a 4" width roll, sold by the inch to suit your needs.

Ex: 1 unit = 1" x 4", 2 units = 2" x 4", 5 units = 5" x 4"

Colour: Black

Sections longer than 10" will be cut to 10" when lettermail shipping is selected.

Bulk custom sizes available. Please contact us for ordering in bulk.

Genuine Velcro® brand

Made in USA


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Unreasonably strong adhesive Velcro® hook