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Purity Seal - V8 PVC Patch PatchPanel
Purity Seal - V8 PVC Patch PatchPanel
Purity Seal - V8 PVC Patch PatchPanel
Purity Seal - V8 PVC Patch PatchPanel
Sold Out

Purity Seal - V8

Sold Out


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Launching 4/20/2024  12PM EST

Limited Edition. 

Once sold out, it will not be restocked.

To an outsider, they may seem merely decorative, perhaps superficial. But to us, they carry a profound meaning and bear testament to our duty, devotion, and unwavering fidelity to mankind.

A Purity Seal is not merely a piece of parchment affixed to our sacred power armour with a wax seal. It's a symbol, a mark of recognition, signifying the blessings and prayers of our Chapter's Chaplains and Librarians, sanctifying our wargear and ourselves for the battles to come. It serves as a constant reminder of our unyielding faith and the righteousness of our cause.

In a galaxy where darkness, heresy, and unimaginable terrors lurk in every shadow, these symbols anchor our souls, shield our minds, and empower our spirits against corruption and doubt. When we march into battle, we do so not just with bolter and chainsword, but with the spiritual fortitude and blessings that these Purity Seals bestow upon us.

When I gaze upon a Purity Seal, I am reminded of my oaths, the weight of my duty, and the countless brothers who have come before me, laying down their lives for the Imperium. It tells me that my armour is not merely ceramite and plasteel, but a sacred reliquary, consecrated for the Emperor's service.

For we are not just warriors; we are the chosen sons of the Emperor, His Angels of Death. And the Purity Seals we bear are a testament to our sacred mission: to defend humanity, no matter the cost.


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Hawook (Kansas City, US)
Amazing quality patch

Great quality in the patch material, truly the nicest patch I own. Best 40k patches I've been able to find. I have no doubt I'll be getting every following seal after this! Thanks again guys.

Kayle S. (Atlanta, US)
Fantastic will buy more

Love the patch. Looks exactly as pictures and it durable

Brandon s. (Lake Charles, US)
Great quality

My first purity seal from here and was exactly what I was expecting. Will definitely order more stuff from Patch Panel in the future.

Lion_Knight_5o (Marion, US)

A well made patch great for showing your undying loyalty to the Emperor of Man. Even better it lets everyone know how you feel about witches. This way you be showing everyone how you feel about xenos and still be repping your stance on witches.

Oh and did I say great quality.