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Purity Seal - V3 PVC Patch PatchPanel
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Purity Seal - V3

Sold Out


The purity seal marks the bearers purity from the filth of chaos. Made popular by Warhammer 40k, a tabletop strategy game, this patch carries more meaning now than ever. Display your mark of purity with pride.åÊ

Front Scroll:åÊMy Armor is Contempt, My Shield is Disgust, My Sword is Hatred

Back Scroll:åÊIn the Emperors Name Let None Survive

One of only 300 made. Ever.åÊ


Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Artemijs R. (Riga, LV)
In the Emperor's Name let none survive!

I found Patch Panel when V2 was already sold. Could not be happier when they announced V3. Too precious to have it on my gear. Pure collectible! Reflects my feelings about some of the local airsoft players.

Jimmie A.J. (Gulfport, US)

Super great quality as come to be expected! Patch Panel continues to deliver some of the very best!!! I’ll continue to buy quality and originality from them.

Smith (Ottawa, CA)
A few mods I did to mine

Great patch, though there a few things i did to make mine look a bit better. Firstly, i rubbed boot polish into the seal to give it more depth and also to hide the treads. It also gave the plastic a more waxy sheen. Secondly, i removed the backing from the parchment to give it less stiffness. This is my major complaint with the patch. Yet without the backing the parchments are prone to folding back onto the velco, getting stuck and fraying. This backing does eventually come off with time so this problem will arrise whether or not you choose to remove it. It would be nice to see future purity seal parchment made in such a way that they do not require a backing for assembly. Perhaps move from embroidery to having the text printed to material that will not stick to velcro yet not be overly stiff?

Nick (Kingston, CA)
Purity Seal V3 review

Exactly what I ordered. This one is very similar to the V1, but the color is slightly different (ref. image). Another high quality piece, more than worth the price.