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Bumble Saves Christmas Laser Cut Patch PatchPanel
Bumble Saves Christmas Laser Cut Patch PatchPanel
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Bumble Saves Christmas

Sold Out


For a third year, we're back with our newest patch in the Christmas series. In the past few years, our Christmas patches have helped feed, and gift dozens of families who don't have the means to provide their own Christmas. At a time of year that brings people closer together, there is no greater gift to give.åÊ

You all know bumble from youråÊfavoriteåÊChristmasåÊmovies. He's here to save Christmas, and hopefully feed even more families than last year.åÊ

Just like last year, this patch will only be available until December 20th, 2018

Every patch includes a ChristmasåÊtree hanger, and ribbon as well for convenient display at home.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Colin C. (Meiningen, DE)
It's a Christmas miracle!

Not only is this awesomely original patch an incredible piece of holiday nostalgia that raises money for charity (I ask you, what's more in the spirit of Xmas then that?!) its also one of the most creatively well made patches out there: utilizing no less then 6 separate materials to make one. Comes with a handy removable ribbon loop portion and a festive ribbon to use so its Christmas tree ornament ready if you want as well.

I usually hesitate to use the word masterpiece but that's exactly what this is people, is there an option for 6 stars? One for each portion that goes into making a single of these insanely good patches, all around incredible job from these guys.

Heiser (Overland Park, US)

Like the artwork. Nice quality and showed up quickly