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Item Personalization
s.g. (Wichita, US)
Awesome service

Need a patch quickly and patch panel got it done and no time

5" x 1.5" Custom Name Tape
Jacob Y. (Columbia, US)

Readable. Great size. Durable material. Allows me to have some level of ID on my back if I need it. Would also work great on the front of a uniform too.

3.5" x 2" One Sided Call Sign
Jacob Y. (Columbia, US)

Perfect size. Large. Readable. Durable material. 10/5stars.

5" x 3" ID Panel
Jacob Y. (Columbia, US)
great ID panel

I have 2 of these. It has been fantastic. It's a solid 4.9/5 stars. The .1 comes from the US flag. Over time, the stripes on the flag start to slide up or down. I suspect heat effects the glue. But this is nearly a non issue. It is a great ID panel. I wish it was standard issue across our entire team.

3" x 2" Mini ID Panel
Eric S. (Lake Charles, US)
Best all around

Ordered one of these but some how I messed up the blood type, even though I missed the email that showed my mistake (always check spam folder), they were still able the correct the patch and it still shipped on time. Great group of folks around.

Royal Canadian Regiment Flag - Hi Vis
Tristan M. (Ilderton, CA)

The patch I recieved looked just like the photo it looks amazing on my bag

Purity Seal - V7
K. (Pittsburgh, US)
Time to prove myself worthy

Huge hit in the Warhammer Community I'm in. Everyone wanted one and hoping the make more patches in the future

Great quality!

So yea, I'm a little biased. Have over a dozen patches from these guys. Well, that's because their stuff is awesome. Great quality. Precision cutting is tops.

Purity Seal - V7
Salvador M. (Roseville, US)
Praise the Emperor

The patch is such a beautiful piece of art. The colors pop and the craftsmanship is impeccable. I wish I would have bought 2.

Purity Seal - V7
N S. (Byhalia, US)

The Emperor wills it! Excellent quality, from construction to design. Worth every penny.

Purity Seal - V7
Jonathan R. (L'Assomption, CA)
Chapter approved

As always, amazing quality and craftsmanship! I have been waiting for years to get my handa on one of these drops and it was well worth the wait! Glory and honour brothers.

Deadpool - Hi Vis
Andrew J. (Toronto, CA)
Great patch for those dead pool fans

It’s a solid patch, might put it on a backpack later… perhaps a piece of gear… idk.

3.5" x 2" One Sided Call Sign
Eirik (Charlotte, US)
Solid construction

Only a 4/5 because I do not like the tiger stripe pattern they use. I realize I am very picky with my tiger stripe, but this is almost duck hunt/wwii frogskin looking. Other than that the patches are solid!

Hey Eirik, We really appreciate the feedback.

It's worth noting that this is Tadpole Tigerstripe, and not standard Vietnam era Tigerstripe. We'll be adding more options over the next month :)

3.5" x 2" Mini ID Panel
Ethan J. (Centennial, US)

I think this is my 8th patch from this company and every time I am amazed and the pure attention to detail and perfection in every single patch

What did I say!? - Sticker
Mark L. (Denver, US)
Smokey Bear rocks

Well done, top quality, love the patch

Watchmen Smiley Patch + Sticker
Cary G. (Houston, US)

Love the patch.

Just Bite It Patch + Sticker
Robert O. (Anchorage, US)
Kennel Panel collection

A great patch for Kona’s patch panel. Quality materials and construction as to be expected by Patch Panel. The best part is that it glows in the dark. We love it!

Micro Pro IR USA Flag
Will S. (Indianapolis, US)
Turned out great!

Got my patches and chicken stickers (everyone needs chicken stickers), and am very happy with how they turned out! The micro flag is a good size for the side of my helmet, in my opinion. Doesn’t stand out too much or overhang off the edge of the Velcro, so less chance of it snagging during “activities”.

3.5" x 2" "Make Your Own Quote" Patch
Ryan H. (Beaverton, US)
Speaks for itself

I currently work on call in equipmemt maintenance, among other things. So yeah, I usually only show up when something is broke. It kinda speaks for itself I think.

I Believe
Matt (Norway, US)

This patch is a thing of beauty

4" x 1" Custom Name Tape
Lester (Blue Springs, US)
Great patch

Very well made patch. Great customer service and even helped correct a mistake I made.

Its the little things

Wherever I have this patch it always gets the attention it deserves whether it be on my chest rig (pictured) or on my sordins. Cannot go wrong with the quality of patch panel. Next order already being made!

5" x 3" Customized Blackbeard Flag
Clint G. (McMinnville, US)
Love the patch

Can’t go wrong with any patch from this place

6" x 3" ID Panel with Hi Vis Flag
Clint G. (McMinnville, US)
Just awesome

Love the look!! love how it’s fully customizable to me 5 out 5 stars amazing work

5"x3" ID Panel with Badge Insert
Ofc. T. (Pinehurst, US)
Better than I expected!

I wasn’t sure how the shoulder patch logo would turn out! Patch Panel understood the assignment and did a phenomenal job! I love the quality!