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Get Sponsored

Sponsorship is something often asked about, but not always fully understood. We believe that a sponsorship is a two-way street that is fair to both sides of the table. We’d never want to ask someone to do something for free. That just doesn’t make any sense. Flipping that around, we’re not interested in handing out stuff for free if it’s of absolutely no benefit to us. That’s just bad for everyone involved. 

With that said, we LOVE working with motivated teams and players to offer support and make you look amazing on the field. If you’re ready to put some work in, we’re ready to show you how grateful we are for that. 

Before entering any sponsorship agreements, we like to take some time to better understand you, what you are doing, the people that follow you, and how well you can reach and engage the people that follow you. We do this in a very simple way by using our PatchPerks program. With this program, you can share a discount with your friends and followers, and in return, we’ll hook you up with points every time they order. This means that regardless of whether we decide to move forward with a sponsorship, we’ve made sure that the effort you’ve put in is still rewarded. 

After about a month in the PatchPerks program, we’ll review your stats and continue the discussion from there. If we do select you as one of our elite sponsored players, you’ll be loaded up with swag, event prizes, and an utterly ridiculous discount on your patches. We’ve even made many of our sponsored players their own personal patches to use to promote themselves as well. The possibilities are pretty endless. 

That’s pretty much it, we like to keep things simple. If you want to get the ball rolling right away, sign up for our PatchPerks program and get started. Give us a shout after the first month, and we’ll have a chat about what the future looks like.