1" x 1" MED Cross Cats Eye
1" x 1" MED Cross Cats Eye
$10.00 USD

1" x 1" MED Cross Cats Eye

  • 1" x 1"
  • Hook Backed
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Customer Reviews

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Sweet patch

I stumbled onto PatchPanel from Instagram. I am glad I clicked the link to check em out.

I ordered a 1"×1" Wolf Grey/Red Reflective "Cat's Eye" patch for my favorite cap, the patch is PERFECT! It's the right shade of grey to match my hat, and it's just enough red to see without being gawky or too obvious. The "glow in the dark" edge around the red cross accents really cool, but doesn't get a ton of glow (not a criticism, just my observation).

The velcro on the patch is really good too. I liked the laser cut patch style so much, I've already ordered several more patches.

Excellent customer service //superior products!

I don’t write reviews often, really I am struggling to remember if I’ve ever done one. Patch panel has earned this. I ordered some patches for my other carrier vest for duty work. The agency I work for is particular on uniform colors and overall uniformity. I ordered a series of panels and patches that included a background color Called blue black. Blue black is supposed to replicate the commonly referred to lapd navy. A dark navy color. Anyway long story short I clicked navy when I originally ordered and the patches were not going to work out. The company was unable to source blue black fabric and they worked with me to get black background patches made. They then sent me the correct panels free of charge (~$70) worth. The best part was the hang written apology on the shipping label, “sorry we fucked up, much love from Canada.” Well I must say the patches are perfect and you now have a satisfied customer across the lake. Thank you.

Great for ID

Received my patch and immediately put it on my hat, which I had a 1x1 velcro square sewn onto specifically for this patch. The reflective is nice and bright, the only thing I would change about my order is I would have gotten the 2x2, especially with the glow border. The glow border is a little narrow for my taste, but it's still effective.