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PatchClub Monthly Subscription

$10.00 USD

When you join PatchClub, you'll find a new highly detailed patch in the mail every month. You'll have peace of mind in knowing that every patch is available ONLY to Patch Club members. Each patch is designed in-house by our professional artists to exacting standards, from materials like PVC, Embroidered Thread, or intricately layered laser cut materials.

Each patch will come with a high-resolution art card, and artist notes from production, giving you the full insight into the design process and how your new patch came to life. 

PatchClub keeps things easy with:

-Automatic annual billing, no need to remember
-Cancel any time with ZERO obligation
-Access to past patches for only $15 each


Customer Reviews

Based on 376 reviews
Becca S. (Aurora, US)
Quality patches

Shipping to the US was really slow (due to the shipper not Patch Panel) but subsequent shipments have arrived much faster. I believe PP switched to a faster shipper. The patches are high quality and I’m making some solid additions to my morale patch collection. The general favorite is the “Stop Screaming, I’m scared too!” patch. It always gets a laugh!

Kay J. (Hamburg, DE)
Pinky rule the world

Very nice patch with Pinky. I loved it. Looking forward to get the second part to complete the mouses of world supremacy.

Brandon L. (Houston, US)
Monthly surprise

Outstanding quality and wonderful monthly patches. Look forward to each new patch and associated card.

Olson (Seattle, US)
Awesome as always

Another rad patch from some rad folks. The details on their stuff is top notch. The quality is hard to beat too. If you're on the fence about it... Just do it!