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So you saw that awesome patch drop online, but you missed out because you were doing things like life. 

Now you’re sitting there wondering how much you’re going to have to pay someone that's flipping it. 
Never miss a drop again with PatchClub. 
PatchClub is a monthly subscription that puts you in the front of the line for the next drop. 

Every PatchClub patch is made with freshly designed artwork, and even comes with some of the artist's notes, and sketches. 

Best of all, you have to be a member of PatchClub to get these patches in the first place. So you’ll have a piece of something special. 
If you didn’t know already, PatchClub helps create North American jobs, and support a variety of local charities. 

As we've now transitioned to a month to month subscription, we want to make sure you know how unreasonably simple we've made Patch Club this year. 

Our subscription-based billing system is about as easy as it gets. Once you enter your card info and hit submit our system securely and automatically creates a monthly payment plan for you. It is in fact so secure that we never even have access to your full card number. That's between you and the credit card processor. You'll be billed every month on the same date.

This program is designed to be able to join or cancel at any time with NO penalty whatsoever. If you're no longer interested, or the patches just aren't doing it for you, you're free to go. But we'd love to hear from you before you do that to hear how we can improve the service. 

That's it. We've got nothing left to say because we made it too simple.