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The new definition of artisan crafted patches.

Posted by Evan Henshaw on

Every so often something comes along and changes how you see the world. 

Ok... So we aren't changing the world here, but we do want to challenge the way you think about artisan crafted, and handcrafted patches. 

As many of you know, Jesse has been one of our artists since day one. A little bit of time off to be at home with his first Daugther has given him the time to create an absolutely astounding handmade creation, and we couldn't be more excited about it. 

Here's what Jesse has to say about it: 

“Aspis of Leonidas" by Infinitesimal Design Works

A reference to the shields worn by the 300 brave warriors tasked with defending Sparta from the forces of King Xerxes I at the battle of Thermopylae, this handmade patch comes complete with battle damage and character.

This one inch hammered copper morale patch, stitched onto Velcro backed leather is handcrafted from reclaimed copper which lends its unique texture to each individual piece.  Being one of a limited edition of only 50 made, this flagship design launches the Spartan series of ranger eye morale patches.

The first 25 pieces of this patch will go live on our website at 4 PM EST, Monday, March 19th. 

Get yours here: https://patchpanel.ca/products/aspis-of-leonidas

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