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Patch Builder V1.0 is LIVE!

Posted by Evan Henshaw on

Ok, so we've spent exactly zero seconds in the past talking about this project, but it's something that we've been dreaming of, and working towards since day one. 

After an absolutely enormous undertaking by every single member of our team, we're excited to announce our new PatchBuilder on many of our current customizable laser cut patches. 

The notion, simple. Now, on select products (all of them, over the next few months) you can see your patch, in your selections, with the text you want to use, right on the website. 

Our hope is that we can help eliminate any confusion as to what different colours will look like together, and the overall end result, or at least a preview of it, will be available BEFORE you purchase. Pretty cool, no?

Why V1.0? There's A LOT Of work left to do. As we progress we will work to enhance graphics to create an even more realistic experience. We'll add more options, but make it less confusing to use them. We'll add more products, and make more existing products available. 

Over the next year, we'll likely see hundreds of small tweaks, and updates in an effort, as always, to continue to improve your overall experience. 

Questions, feature requests, something doesn't look right? Let us know!

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