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New for 2017, Concept art and artist notes

Posted by Evan Henshaw on

Patches, in their nature, are closer to art than a collectible. You need an artist to make one, artists come in many forms. Art usually starts with a concept, and some napkin sketches then evolve to hand or digitally drawn formats where they are repeatedly refined to the artists desire. 

Every fine detail is scrutinized to ensure that it’s perfect. Let’s face it, an artist is picky, their biggest critic is themselves. When I first started doing this I almost found it annoying to watch someone nitpick over fine details that wouldn’t be noticed. This annoyed me until I rushed a few projects through myself and saw the end result. Then realizing that the artist was right all along, and I should go back to my desk and do something else. 

If you’ve worked with an artist, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s often brought me to question “what is he thinking when he does this”. Being curious about the thought process behind the design, what inspires it, what shapes it, and what brings it to life. 

So I talked to our artist, and he filled me with a wealth of information that I can say is nothing short of amazing. A look inside the mind was something that I think everyone should experience. So we’re going to do that. 

One of the major changes we’ve made to Patch Club for 2017 is the inclusion of extras like concept art, and artist notes. Each month your patch will come with an inside look as to what brought this patch to life, and what helped shape it to it’s final form. You’ll get an idea of how it started, and the process to bring it to the masterpiece you now hold in your hand. 

We think this is something that you’ll love as much as we do.

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