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Let's make jobs together!

Posted by Evan Henshaw on

Patch Panel is independently owned, plain and simple. We have no investors, shareholders, or other stakeholders to answer to, or funnel money away to. This means we can use the extras to create more new jobs, and support charities within our communities. 

We live in a world where everyone tries to do everything cheaper. We want cheaper food, cheaper commodities, lower bills, and more. But that money has to come from somewhere, and that somewhere is usually from outsourcing to the lowest bidder. Cheaper is gooder, right? Except that we’ve seen countless jobs downsized to pave the way for non-domestic outsourcing. I’m pretty sure there’s not too many of us that like watching that happen. 

If you do like watching the people around you lose their jobs and livelihoods, you can close the page now, we don't want you here. 

In the 5 years, we’ve been in business, we’ve created 4 full time, and 1 part-time position. To us, this is the biggest honour any business can have. We’ve created positions that our team get to be proud to call their work every day. This isn’t a side job for us, it’s a career that we’ve dedicated our livelihoods for. Just like many other brands, we’ve started from scraps in our basement. Piece by piece we've grown, and continually found the need for new, fresh, and creative minds. 

We’d love to add one more full-time job sometime in 2017, and with your continually amazing support, we just may be able to do that. 

Anyone can get a minimum wage job, and I mean anyone. Walk down the street, and there’s lots of them. But today's job seekers are looking for jobs with a bit more meaning, where they can do something they love. Slowly and painfully the corporate world is shrinking to make way for small, lean and innovative companies of the future. 

We’ve all put our time into our corporate jobs and are passionate about being on the forefront of the new world of working-class teams. 

As for myself, my name is Evan Henshaw and I’m the owner. It’s a bit of a silly title since my day consists of organizing, cleaning, packing orders, and working directly with awesome people like you. I started this company with the last $200 I had to my name. With a hell of a lot of amazing supporters, friends, and family, we made it into something. I have a passion for customer service and creating new jobs in any way I can. 

Jesse is our artist. After years of being called a graphic designer, we realized that the job was so much more than that. In his time with us, he’s been able to work directly with Military and Law enforcement organizations in order to create the exact image they want to portray. Not to mention the countless numbers of Paintball and Airsoft teams, as well as other organizations that have trusted him to turn their ideas into a work of art. 

Dave is a member of the Hastings Prince Edward Regiment of the Canadian Forces. He’s also a father of two, and a pipe band drummer. Needless to say, he’s a skilled man. If you’ve bought any of the patches that we make in-house, it’s probably been full, if not partially made by Dave. Passion is an understatement here, his number one goal is to make sure you get the awesome patches that you love. 

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