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Let's do a giveaway, but a little bit different.

Posted by Evan Henshaw on

There's no question about it. We get to work with some really awesome, hard working people. As we've seen such a huge amount of growth over the past year, we've asked ourselves, how can we use this to help others? 

Well, if you've already hears of Stand Watch, you know that these folks are active Law Enforcement, with some absolutely immaculate artistic skills. If you haven't heard of them, now you have. 

We reached out to Stand Watch a few months ago, to commission four of their sentinel knives for a few members of our team here at PatchPanel. But we thought to ourselves, if we think these guys are super cool, other people might too. So we bought an extra (because we don't want people who do hard work with their hands to do work for free) just to give away. 

Now, how else can we use this to help them? Easy, you have to buy something from them (or us, but buy from them until everything is sold out first) to enter. Why, because we think it's pretty cool if they get to make some extra money along the way too. A little more icing on the cake? We're adding a $500 gift card to the equation too.

This is a new way to do this for us, we have no idea if it will be successful, but we sure hope so (because that means we'll keep doing cool things like this).

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