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Personalized GunPlates® for Dye DAM


GunPlates® are sized to perfectly fit the mag well of the Dye DAM.  The additional Name Plates replace the Dye logo on the sides of the marker.  Choose your design, colours, and enter your name below. Want something completely custom? Check out the Custom Dye DAM GunPlates®. Due to the custom...

The DamBusters Dye Dam Patch


Dye Paintball™ authorized patch.  Designed By Unanistan A.E. Manufactured by The Patch Panel to exacting standards.  Available in Blue, Green, OD, and Red.  Roughly 3.75" wide 

Personalized Upper GunPlates® for Dye DAM


Upper GunPlates® are sized to perfectly fit in the cavity where the Dye logo currently sits on your Dye Dam.  With as fine as 50 micron resolution, no detail is too fine. Our GunPlates® are made from high-density multi-layered polymers that use genuine 3M adhesives for a permanent hold. All of this makes for...