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Canada Flag - Tan and Brown - Hi Vis

3.5" x 2"

Retro reflective materials give this patch a visible reflection in low light.

Suitable for Law Enforcement and EMS use. Great for fast friendly identification.

Velcro䋢 Hook Backed

Made in Canada

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
beautiful flag patch but not field durable

Not exactly what I expected but very unique and interesting design. Harder to see the Maple Leaf from many angles, including head-on, so it's more IR and less of a visible spectrum flag. Seems very well made but not field grade, as it will get destroyed with field use (sewn border would help the corners from delaminating). Beautiful honeycomb design for the IR layer.

Love the flag

I love the patch it looks great and has the subtle looking I wanted for travelling. I can show my Canadian pride but keep it low key. And I had seen what another posted did by rounding the edges and it looks great.

Great product!

Good quality. No adhesion or hook problems. Slightly modified the patch by rounding corners to help prevent peeling of the laminate.

This is a pretty fantastic idea, and something we've been looking at doing once we're able to automate the process of manufacturing these patches a bit better. 5 star customer ;)