December 2016 - The Krampus
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December 2016 - The Krampus

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Hear the bells, Christmas bells, ringing in the distance,åÊ
Past the moon, across the sky, we knew him in an instant
A small lad from the town, in the valley far below
Shouts "look up!" to all, ‰ÛÏI can see Rudolph's bright red nose‰۝
way up there, the small reindeer, pointing out the way
the gangs all here, as twelve more appear, to guide old Santa‰۪s sleigh

Santa brings a special glee, a sparkle to the eye
But brats take haste, the Krampus comes, to darken up the sky
A jolly old soul with a heart of gold, Santa Claus is coming
With cloven hoofs and goatish horns, the Krampus sends em‰۪ running
As good Saint Nick will fill with toys, his magical red sack
The Krampus has a birch club, strapped across his back

Much larger than his counterpart, with fur from head to toe
Two horns as large as antlers, and claws where hands should goåÊåÊ
All the naughty children, in rusty chains, are bound
They'll smell the stench of brimstone, as it rises through the ground
The earth will start to rumble, there‰۪s fire all around
The pits of hell will open wide, and he‰۪ll throw the children down
So sinister a creature, this frigid hungry beast
Will eat their burning bodies, for a crispy Christmas treat

as Santa leaves our snowy town
the remaining kids will gather 'round
for their friends they'll shed a final tear
and know that the Krampus will be back in a year

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