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PatchClub Annual Subscription

Now entering year 4, PatchClub continues to grow, and evolve. 

This year you'll find a new highly detailed patch in the mail every month. You'll have peace of mind in knowing that every patch is available ONLY to Patch Club members. Each patch is designed in-house by our professional artist to exacting standards, from materials like PVC, Embroidered Thread, or intricately layered laser cut materials.

Each patch will come with high-resolution concept art and artist notes from production, giving you the full insight into the design process and how your new patch came to life.

Best of all, we're now including FREE Worldwide shipping.

Here are the changes that we've made this year based on member and non-member feedback. We're confident that this is the best year for Patch Club ever!

This year you'll find the following changes:
- Free Worldwide Shipping
- Unique, highly detailed patches every month
- Artist notes and concept art with every patch
- Support for Canadian VISA Debit cards

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PatchClub is automatically delivered every month. There is no obligation, you can modify or cancel your subscription at any time.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews

Lots of patches! They are great!

Fun times

High quality patch, fun art and enjoyable. Unique and desirable.

Excellent patch

The patch was well made

Uhm... A bit too dark?

The artwork is damn good, but I think it might have looked a littlw better in a lighter shade of brown to bring out the contrast in lines.

1st Patch from PatchClub Annual Subscription

It was super exciting getting my 1st patch. Outstanding quality, I signed up for the yearly membership and I am looking forward to next months.

Its sweet to say that I am getting patches that are not available on the website.