Year 4 of PatchClub is upon us.

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4 years already, holy crap!

We tell the same story every year, but it gets better every time. 

This crazy idea of ours continues to grow year over year, and we've got our eyes on the prize for 2018. 

Let's talk about year 3, because a lot went on, and we made some of the biggest changes we've ever done. The biggest of these were the obvious introduction of a month to month option, which has garnered an immense level of interest. With the introduction of a monthly option, we've made it as simple as a one of your fancy overpriced coffee's every month to get an epic new patch. This has presented a whole new "can of worms" for us, but they're the most fun worms you can get, we promise. Instead of the laborious task of keeping up with who has been sent what on a collection of spreadsheets, we've automated this. Now we have to use psychic powers to guess how many people will sign up every month because that's way easier (not). But honestly, the subscription platform is a lot of fun, and we're learning new things about it every day. 

The second major change we saw this year was something that you barely saw. Last month we switched our subscription service provider to something that brought PatchClub a little closer to home, landing itself back on This meant our members could access their subscription settings in the same place as the rest of their patch orders. There were a few hiccups along the way with this, but we've managed to get it all figured out now. 

The long-term perk to this is that communication, shipping, and just about every other aspect of PatchClub will be much easier for both you, and us to handle. Win-win!

This year's patches have been an amazingly fun ride. We've created some of the highest detail patches we've ever seen, and created a whopping 5 new colours of glow in the dark in the process. Who doesn't want more glow in the dark? With these designs, our artist Jesse was able to really unlock some hidden creativity and turn thoughts into works of art. 

Feedback has been an important step along the way, and with Jesse away caring for his newborn baby at home, we've had the opportunity to open up some new alleys of creativity for our apprentice artist Ben, as well as some new guests. One of the more common requests was to bring back more funny patches like previous years. Got it, we'll make that happen. We've also been asked about embroidery, and it will make a re-appearance this year as well, now that we've been able to take some time to nail down our processes for higher detailed embroidered patches. 

Oh, the coolest part you ask? Guest patches. This year you'll see EXCLUSIVE guest patches from some of the most famous patch makers in the industry, like FlockFam, and Workshop 432, who will offer up designs that you won't get anywhere else. There's more in the works, but these are the ones we're allowed to tell you about so far. 

With all of this said, registration has been open for a few months, and another goal is in sight very soon. With that, after we gain about another 70 subscribers (which takes less than a month on average), we'll be closing registrations for a bit again. You'll want to get signed up soon if you want a chance at these guest exclusives I mentioned above. 

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