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The 500 member challenge.

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I get it, we're a business and we're here to make money. If any business tries to hide that factor, they're lying to you. We don't like lying so we want to be upfront about it. But there are a few things that make us a little different when it comes to the everyday business model. 

We're a small business that wants to help connect creative people with great jobs. No one likes the regular 9 to 5 workday (we actually do work 9-5 most of the time) that is the same repetitive process day in and day out. At Patch Club, we don't just dream of creating jobs, we make it our goal. It's actually one of our only goals. 

Currently, the Patch Club team consists of 3 people to market, design, and produce the patches, and other material included in your monthly package. But we'd like that number to grow, so we've set a goal. 

Our first goal is to create a new permanent part-time job once we reach 500 members. That should be a pretty simple goal since every one of you reading this is totally fucking awesome. To top it off, we'll open up this position to our supporters FIRST, before we look outside for someone. That said, you'll be required to work out of our Peterborough, ON location.

Once we meet this goal, we're on to our next, which will be a Full-Time position once we reach 1000 members. Considering there's already several thousand of you reading this, and again, there are no words that even describe your sheer awesomeness. I think we can meet this goal in no time. 

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