PatchClub + Task Force Doomer

Posted by Evan Henshaw on

Ok, so you saw the hype on Instagram and you've been waiting for details. Now's the time. 

First of all, if you're signed up for PatchClub right now, you're already in on this first of it's kind collaboration. 

Second, if you sign up before the end of this month (September 2020), you're in. 

Right, now to the details. We've teamed up with Task Force Doomer, a super popular group of creators and artists on Instagram, to bring you an exclusive piece of doomer artwork that won't be available anywhere else.

This 3D PVC work of art follows the theme of doomer artwork that you see and love on Instagram, and we're super excited about that. 

PatchClub is our monthly subscription for the patch collector in all of us. A new, unique patch, and art card is automatically sent to you every single month. No waiting for a drop, no stress, just cool patches. 

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