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Once Upon a PatchClub Goal.

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Before I start with the actual story for today, I have to say that the opportunities we provide to others can be some of the most important lessons of our own lives. Had I not been afforded the opportunities that I've been given, I certainly wouldn't be sitting here writing this right now. 

When I made the decision to reformat Patch Club into its new subscription format, I had one goal: I wanted to create jobs. I see too many people miserable with what they do, and my refusal to do something that doesn't make me happy is what has pushed me even further. With a constantly growing format like we've got now, it left us room to plan goals. You may have read about some of these goals earlier on. 

Today I'm happy to say that we've reached a goal of ours! Well, sort of. We haven't hit 500 members yet, but we did decide that it was the right time to create a part-time job dedicated to Patch Club. But more importantly, we've decided to reach out to our local community for someone who was looking for a job that they could put their heart into. 

A few weeks ago a respected colleague of mine asked me if I was looking to take on an employee that has developmental delays. She went on to explain that this young man was often passed over as incapable of many day to day jobs. The few jobs he had found had treated him poorly, and he had eventually been shown the door. As I listened, I realised that the main issue was that no one had bothered to focus on what he was good at, and instead decided to focus on what he wasn't good at.

This has to be one of the most terrible management tactics I've ever seen. I'll say it with full confidence that every single person has a job that they are excellent at. Right now, I'd bet you're thinking of what you kick ass at. Let's think here for a moment, would you assign an engineer to an accounting department? or perhaps a doctor to an IT department? Sounds silly, no? I would certainly never attempt to violate your eye sockets by showing you something I've drawn by hand. I guess somewhere along the road we started teaching people to focus on negatives instead of positives. I can't for the life of me figure out why someone thought this was a good idea. 

This doesn't jive with me. Why would anyone want to waste their time, or add to their stress levels by only focussing on negatives? So let's fix this, or at least try to. I'm extremely happy to introduce Mitchell to the Patch Club team. He'll be here a couple of days a week to build, label and manage your monthly envelopes full of awesomeness. This is all you, you created this. How awesome does that feel? Pat yourself on the back, and maybe share this too to show everyone what you're a part of. 

Even if we've stretched to reach this goal a little earlier than anticipated, we're unreasonably excited to see our team grow. Stay tuned for more awesomeness. 

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