And indebted Thank You.

Posted by Evan Henshaw on

I’m not sure if I even have words to describe how grateful I am today. This year we made a huge shift in Patch Club. We committed to bringing more artistic patches, including artist notes and concept art, and moving to both yearly and month to month options. 

It was a bit of a crapshoot, but most decisions these days are. 

I am floored to say that before the first patch even shipped, we’ve seen our biggest signup rate in the history of Patch Club. 

Without even seeing what we were going to offer, a huge pile of members signed up to be a part of our little project to create jobs, and showcase budding artists in an amazingly fun kind of way. 

With all of this said, the first month of the NEW Patch Club is on it's way to you as we speak. 

You guys did something amazing. 

Thank you, very very very much. 

Evan Henshaw

Jesse Goodrice


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